Growing up, we had one of the coolest Christmas traditions. Each year, around mid-December, my mom would count how many presents were under the tree. Then, for as many days as there were presents, my brother and I each got to open one gift a day until Christmas. Kind of like our very own 12 days of Christmas. Of course, there were lots of other Christmas countdown traditions too – paper chains, peppermints, and advent calendars with little pieces of chocolate. As an adult, all of the presents under my tree are for other people. I could open one a day until Christmas, but then I’d have to re-wrap them. However, I have found a pretty awesome grown up Christmas countdown tradition – Beauty Advent Calendars!

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I’m not sure why I didn’t think of this before. I love presents, surprises, and Christmas. Beauty advent calendars are the best of all of my favorite things. I get to open a little something each day until Christmas, and each day the little present is a surprise!

My only rule when looking for great beauty advent calendars is that they have to be packaged in a way that the presents stay hidden. I can’t just get myself a gift set of 24 things and tell myself I can only play with one new thing a day. Let’s be honest. That would never work. I’d end up using them all at once. It’s like binge eating – but with beauty products. I have no self control.

Ok, I lied. I have two rules for beauty advent calendars. Rule 2 – The set must contain products I want and will use. There’s no sense in spending extra money and adding 24 random things to my beauty collection I’m never going to use. That’s just silly.

Here are my picks for the best beauty advent calendars this year:

Best Beauty Advent Calendars Rituals 02

Rituals – Exclusive Advent Calendar – $79 ($155 value)

This luxury advent calendar contains 24 exclusive Rituals best sellers, including 4 special advent candles. In addition to all of these amazing products, it also comes in a little gift box that unfolds into the shape of a Christmas tree. If I put this in my living room does that mean I don’t have to put up my tree?

Best Beauty Advent Calendars Loccitane Signature 02

L’Occitane – Signature Advent Calendar – $69 ($103.50 value)

This signature advent calendar comes in the shape of a book and is tied together with a beautiful red bow. Not only does it contain 24 different L’Occitane signature products, but one of those 24 is my most favorite hand lotion in the world – Pivoine Flora. It is a beautiful fresh peony scent and a staple in my travel bag.

Best Beauty Advent Calendars Loccitane Luxury

L’Occitane – Luxury Advent Calendar – $124 ($174.50 value)

In case you were wanting something a little more elite than the signature advent calendar, L’Occitane also has a luxury version. In comparison to the signature, the luxury calendar is a large sturdy box complete with 24 mini drawers that hold the beauty products. The box is beautiful, and I understand how the more stable packaging is important with larger, heavier, and more luxury items, but I can totally see myself peeking at future days to check out the products. There’s nothing stopping me. No self control, remember?

Best Beauty Advent Calendars - Ciate

Ciate London – Ciate Mini Mani Month – $59

This set contains 19  mini nail polishes, a base coat, a top coat, a full size product, and a nail file. The colors look really pretty. Especially the jewel tones and on trend neutrals. You’re sure to be the belle of the ball this holiday season. Plus, with so many parties and this many nail polishes, you could switch up your look for each event! I think the thing I love most about this set is that I can take any colors I don’t feel are “me” and use them as part of my friends’s Christmas presents. Gotta love added value!

Best Beauty Advent Calendars Heritage Distilling

Heritage Distilling – Spirits Advent Calendar – $49

Ok… So, this last one doesn’t contain beauty products, nor is it health or beauty related. But it is really cute and would make a great gift. And sometimes you just need some fun cocktails to help you get through family season the holiday season.


In the end, I think my favorite thing about beauty advent calendars is that they take me back to being a kid – and who couldn’t use a little more childlike wonder right about now?

What are your favorite Christmas countdown traditions? Will you be adding any beauty advent calendars to your holiday decor?



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