It’s my favorite time of year for beauty shopping. I love finding a great deal and a great value, and because of this, holiday beauty gift and value sets just warm my heart. Especially if they are for things I was already going to buy anyway. Spending the same amount of money but getting extra stuff? Yes, please! And it is so easy with these Nordstrom Holiday Beauty Sets.

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I scoured all 20 pages of the Nordstrom Holiday Beauty section to share what I think are the best of the best. What can I say? I’m willing to do all of the dirty work so that you don’t have to. 😉


Glamglow DreamDuo Collection – $59 ($103 value) – Glamglow DreamDuo is possibly my most favorite skincare product I own. I use it every night as part of my bedtime routine. It smells like an Orange Dreamsicle and makes my skin feel so amazing. Plus, it never makes me break out. This gift set also comes with two travel size Glamglow masks – Youthmud and Gravitymud. Youthmud does have a slight tingle factor to it, so don’t be surprised!

Glamglow Youth, Contour, and Glow – $54 ($95 value) – Glamglow Volcasmic Matte Moisturizer is my daily moisturizer. It has the same awesome Orange Dreamsicle scent as the DreamDuo night time moisturizer. It also helps make sure I glow all day, but that I don’t get too oily.  This set also comes with the same two travel size Glamglow masks as the DreamDuo Collection – Youthmud and Gravitymud.

Glamglow Supermud Set – $69 ($131 value) – Ok, you’re probably thinking this is just going to be a list of Glamglow products, but this is the last one. I promise. I had to include this Supermud mask set because it includes my favorite mask, as well as 3 travel size masks – Gravitymud, Youthmud, and Thirstymud. Supermud is one of the most fun masks I have ever tried. It goes on a really dark gray and there are actual chunks of tea leaves and other organic ingredients. As it dries, it turns to a lighter gray. However, as the mask dries, it leaves dark spots wherever you have the most impurities in your skin. It’s super gross and super fascinating. I love it.


Lipstick Queen Frog Prince Duo – $35 ($50 value) – Yep. Green lipstick. Hear me out. This product is so cool. The formula of this amphibian green lipstick reacts with the pH in your skin and creates your perfect shade of pink. It will even look different on you than it will on your bestie. A custom shade of pink, and everyone looking at you like you’re crazy for putting on green lipstick? What more could you want?

Deborah Lippman Bed of Roses Nail Polish Set – $36 ($72 value) – It’s no secret. I love all things blush. Rosé, lipstick, nail polish, clothes, you name it. This set is great because it contains so many different shades of blush. Are you feeling light and dainty? or a little more intense? Do you want to coordinate your nails and toes? Or create an ombre effect? This set makes all things possible. You can even split it up and add these little cuties to other presents like at home spa sets or thank you gifts for teachers, friends, or family.

Stila Star Studded Stay All Day Lipstick Set – $45 ($88 value) – With 8 lipsticks in this kit, it is another great “keep them all for yourself or split them up and share” set. I am a huge fan of liquid lipstick lately. I love the smooth application (since it is liquid) and the added benefit that they don’t smudge. It’s nice to know on a windy day I won’t get lipstick all over myself when my hair blows into my face.

Hair Care:

Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast Home & Away Duo – $29 ($44 value) – I love Living Proof Dry Shampoo (read more about that here), so there’s no surprise that I’m also obsessed with this Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast. This is the most incredible volume product I’ve ever used. It gives my hair Victoria’s Secret Angel level volume. It is awesome. This duo includes both a full size and a travel size Full Dry Volume Blast for the same price as a regular full size bottle.


Voluspa Vermeil Mini Tin Candle Set – $40 ($45 value) – I LOVE Voluspa candles. I have more of them than I would care to admit. They smell so good. These candles even smell when they aren’t lit. I walked into my bedroom one day and couldn’t figure out why it smelled different and I realized it was just from having an unlit candle sitting on a shelf! The best thing about this set of 5 candles is that you can keep them all for yourself, or split the set up and give them as gifts. Prosecco Rose is one of my all time favorite scents.

Voluspa Maison Travel Tin Candles – $32 ($36 value) – This set is the epitome of holiday scents, including Blanc de Blancs, Visions of Sugar Plums, Spruce Cuttings, and Cinnamon Ceylon and Copal. I have the Blanc de Blancs scent in the larger size and it is so lovely. These mini candles may look small, but each one has a 25 hour burn time.

You can find all of the Nordstrom Holiday Beauty Gift And Value Sets here. Happy shopping!



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