Oh. My. Goodness. MAC Cosmetics, you’ve done it again. I am so in love with this new MAC Holiday 2017 collection.

I’m not going to lie. I haven’t purchased any of MAC’s Holiday Collections for the past several years. I’ve just been disappointed. Plus, I’m not one for bright colors or kitschy cartoon packaging. But… THIS. IS. AMAZING.

The MAC Cosmetics Holiday 2017 Collection combines three of my favorite things: Christmas, Makeup, and Rose Gold. The packaging is absolutely beautiful. Not to mention the brush kits and lip gloss mini kits come in these adorable little rose gold bags that are for sure going into my travel kit. The new collection also contains a great array of lipsticks ranging from sparkly basics to Christmas reds, and some of the most amazing sparkly eye shadows I have ever seen.

I love when MAC creates beautiful stand alone packaging. How could you not feel more beautiful, just by carrying around these gold packaged lovelies in your handbag? They are sure to be a conversation starter.

Here’s what I bought from the MAC Holiday 2017 Snow Ball Collection:

MAC Snow Ball Mini Brush Kit Rose Blush Holiday 2017

Snow Ball Holiday Mini Brush Kit Mini – Rose Gold ($29.50) – Also comes in Silver and Gold. Each set contains different brushes.

I know I already have too many makeup brushes, but I couldn’t resist these little guys. They’re rose gold, super soft, and can easily fit into my every day routine. Plus, this bag with the little blush fur pom pom is too cute for words.

MAC Snow Ball Rose Mini Lip Gloss Kit Holiday 2017

Snow Ball Holiday Mini Lip Gloss Kit – Rose ($29.50) – Also comes in Pink and Nude.
Colors left to right: Go For Pretty, Holiday Darling, Be A Little Naughty.

I love these glosses. Go For Pretty is light and girlie and has a lovely shimmer. Holiday Darling is the perfect nude rose for my complexion, and Be A Little Naughty is a lovely deep berry. I feel like Be A Little Naughty needs at least a liner under it, if not a lipstick too. It faded quickly and bled a little when worn on its own. Holiday Darling is my new favorite every day go-to. Although I really wish they would make this a permanent color.

MAC Snow Ball Eye Compact Rose Gold Holiday 2017

Snow Ball Holiday Eye Compact – Rose Gold ($29.50) – Also comes in Gold.

This is the only product from the collection I was kind of confused about. First of all, the compact is called “Rose Gold” but the packaging is silver. However, everything else in the collection is packaged in a color that coordinates with its name or color. The “Gold” Eye Compact is packaged in gold. The only other silver piece in this collection is the silver brush kit – but it also contains silver brushes, so that makes sense to me. I also feel that these colors aren’t particularly rose gold-esque. They are more rose than the shades in the gold palette, but still don’t feel rosy enough to be called rose gold. That doesn’t stop me from loving them though. It also includes two Dazzleshadow shades, which is my new favorite formula. In fact, I think this palette is a great combination of some basic neutrals and some dressier show stoppers.

MAC Snow Ball Collection Eye Shadow Holday 2017 01

Snow Ball Holiday Extra Dimension Eye Shadow – Stylishly Merry (top) and It’s Snowing (bottom).
These shadows also come in several other colors, but I could not find the shadows listed for sale online (I bought mine at Nordstrom).

Like I mentioned earlier, I love this new Dazzleshadow formula. It adds so much sparkle and a little really goes a long way. It’s an effortless way to put together a really festive look.

Now… Here’s what I didn’t buy from the MAC Holiday 2017 Collection:

Lipstick ($17.50) – This collection contains 6 full size lipsticks. I am still in denial that the “90’s are back” (because 1. I don’t feel like I’m old enough for the 90’s to be “back”, and 2. Some things should have just stayed where we left them, let’s be honest.) and I’m just not ready to embrace the frost lipstick trend again. There are a couple of new red shades, but they weren’t true reds. (More on my thoughts about shades of red lipstick here.)

Mini Lipstick Kits ($29.50) – The Snow Ball collection contains 4 mini lipstick kits. Each contains 3 mini lipsticks – Pink, Warm, Cool, Rose. I don’t have anything against these mini lipstick kits. They come with cute little silver sequin bags. I just didn’t find any colors I couldn’t live without.

False Lashes ($17) – This collection contains two sets of false lashes. One has a gold band and the other a silver band. They are definitely more costume or event lashes, not necessarily for every day. I didn’t think they looked particularly spectacular in person, but I didn’t get a chance to see them on anyone.

Impalpable Glare Powder ($34) – This comes in two shades, Here Comes Joy and Happy Go Dazzlingly. This just looked like a regular sparkly highlighter to me. I already have one I like, so I skipped these, but the packaging was beautiful and I love the little imprinted snowflake.

Pigment and Glitter Kit ($29.50) – The Snow Ball Collection has two pigment kits – Gold, and Pink. I didn’t get either of these because I already have a ton of these mini pigments from past Holiday collections, and I rarely use them.

Brush Kit Basic – Silver ($49.50) – It’s got your basics in silver (hence the name), including powder, foundation, shadow, smudge liner, and brow.

Brush Kit Advanced – Gold ($49.50) – 5 brushes in gold, including powder, foundation, large shadow, small shadow, and pointed liner.

Face Bag Collection ($49.50) – This comes in either gold or peach. The Snow Ball Face Bag Collection contains a little rose gold sequin bag, Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Whisper of Guilt or Show Gold, and the 140 SES Full Fan Brush. This little brush is so soft.

Snow Ball Holiday Classics Mini Lipstick Kit ($69.50) – This is THE coolest. This kit includes 12 of MAC Cosmetics’s most popular lipstick shades in mini form. They include Diva, Ruby Woo, Velvet Teddy, and Please Me, just to name a few. It also comes in a really pretty display case that would look beautiful on a vanity or shelf. The thing I think makes this kit so unique is that each container is the same color as the lipstick it holds, breaking the tradition of the MAC Cosmetics basics being in all black containers. Do you know how much time this would save me in the morning when I’m half asleep trying to find the right shade of lipstick?! Genius.

MAC Snow Ball Collection Holiday 2017 02

Last but not least, I had to share this detail shot of the little zipper charms on the makeup bags. Not only that, but I love the little flower on the bottom of the sequin ball. Aren’t they just the cutest? Are you going to add any of the MAC Holiday 2017 products to your collection? Comment on your favorites below!


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