I know May/June is typically considered “wedding season”, but this fall I have more weddings to attend than probably in the last two years combined. So, in honor of these weddings (and their wonderful brides and grooms!), I’m going to share one of my favorite (and easiest!) wedding decor DIY projects with you.

I love these Mr and Mrs signs. I think they are so versatile and cute. I am also a big fan of anything that says Mr/Mrs or Hubby/Wifey over anything that says Groom/Bride. I feel like Groom/Bride is kind of a one time use thing, whereas you can continue using something that says Mr/Mrs or Hubby/Wifey in your every day life. You could even use these signs after your wedding in your home decor. You could hang them on a picture collage wall, or set them on a shelf with your wedding photos! So adorable.

Mr and Mrs Signs 01

These signs come in multiple sizes, so make sure you take out your ruler or tape measure and figure out exactly what size is right for your vision. I have found them as large as 10 inches tall and as small as 3.5 inches tall. They also come in different fonts, all capital letters, as well as Mr and Mr and Mrs and Mrs. You can also buy them pre-painted or pre-glittered. But where is the fun in that?

The signs I’m painting today are from Amazon and are just under 4 inches tall. I used this size for the ease of this post. If you were using them for a head table or a large decoration, I would definitely order a larger size. These signs came already painted white. The larger size signs I have used in the past came unpainted.

Mr and Mrs Signs 02

When spray painting things, I always wear gloves on both hands. I learned my lesson during my Fall Decorating Glitter Pumpkin DIY. (Exhibit A – the spray painted thumbprint in the bottom left corner of the pic below. Thank you gloves!) Also, please spray paint outside or in a well ventilated area.

When I’m testing new colors, or trying to match a color, I take a piece of cardboard and spray paint a section to see what the color will actually look like. It is helpful if you write the name of the color next to the swatch so you don’t pick your favorite and then forget what you sprayed where. I also recommend that you take the painted cardboard (once dry, of course!) and look at it in different types of lighting. Maybe take it outside in the sun, or to your office, or even just into your kitchen. Colors can change based on lighting, so you don’t want to pick something that looks awesome in one light but changes to a weird color in another light.

Mr and Mrs SIgns Test Colors

I ended up using the top color (champagne) for these signs. I thought the brushed nickel (middle) was looking a little yellow/beige and the rose gold (bottom) was a little harsh.

I also sprayed a silver glitter topcoat over the signs once my champagne paint was dry, just to give them a little more life.

It is up to you whether you spray paint both sides of the letters or just the parts you/your guests are going to see. Just make sure you paint the edges and get in all of the nooks and crannies so you don’t miss anything.

Mr and Mrs Signs Final

If you are careful (and plan it in advance, unless you’re just really lucky.), this project actually leaves behind a bonus work of art.

Mr and Mrs Signs 05

You could use this fun “painting” as bridal shower decor, or even frame it if you wanted to. I think it would be really cool if you used a table cloth in a coordinating color instead of a piece of paper like I did. You could use the “decorated” table cloth as part of your bridal shower tables! I love getting two projects for the price of one!



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