This week’s #fridayfavorites: the Kat Von D Shade & Light Eye Shadow Palette in Plum. The plum shades are perfect for fall and have quickly become my go-to. I had been searching for right shades of plum for a long time and finally took a chance on this KVD set. The palette itself is sturdy and has an eye-catching design that reminds me of something the Evil Queen in Once Upon A Time would have on her dressing table (which delights my inner “dark pixie” and makes me want to put on some burgundy lipstick, ASAP).

Kat Von D Shade Light Plum 01

It also has a mirror inside, which is always nice. I was a little hesitant about trying a new brand of eyeshadow, as I am very picky with makeup textures, but these are so buttery. The first time I used them I was a little heavy handed, and their soft texture gave me a look that was a little more sultry and smoky than I was expecting to wear to the office, but I work in fashion, so nothing is really out of place. With a lighter touch, these shadows are easily transformed for day or night. They can be mix-and-matched with light neutrals or soft pinks for the office, or with shades of gray, burgundy, and black to create a more sultry look for a night out.

Kat Von D Shade Light Plum 02

Even better? This stunning little palette is currently on sale at for only $15! It is also available in rust, sage, and smoke.


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